DZ-3A Wire Forming Machine


Ultra-thin wire springs take a new step forward.

The union of high-accuracy high-speed coil processing and freedom of bending opens up a new world of shapes. 

This is the replacement for the TM-3II. 

    • The union of high-accuracy high-speed coil processing and bending

      • A coiling torsion machine for wire diameters of 0.02 mm to 0.3 mm.
      • Has coil processing ability equivalent to that of coiling machines.
      • Three 3D slides enable freedom of bending. The operations required for tool changers and R servos can be assigned to each of the three 3D slides.

    • Free modular design

      The system enables different units to be attached to each of the three 3D slides. Can be replaced with various optional units.

    • A variety of attractive optional units

      • Feed pressure servo unit
      • Roller servo point unit
      • Ultra-thin wire guide holder

    • Dedicated MNO Program for Spring Production

      • Easy operations for quicker preparation.
      • High resolution for controlling the latest servo motors.
      • Allows varied control based on measurement results, such as the pitch and diameter.
      • Common program for both torsion machines and coiling machines.
      • Includes a motor sensor system.
      • Versatile production management screen and production data collection function.

  • FormatDZ-3
    Standard supported wire diameter 0.02~0.3mm
    Maximum outer diameter 8
    D/d 3.5 or higher
    Supported wire diameter when using an ultra-thin holder (OP) 0.02~0.1mm
    Feed Axis 0.001mm
    Pitch Axis 0.001°
    Arbor Axis 0.001°
    Left/right 3D table axis 0.0001mm
    Up 3D slide axis 0.001mm
    Tool changer axis 0.001°
    R Servo Axis 0.001°
    Solenoid valves 4pcs(Max 8pcs available)
    Service air pressure Max 0.5Mpa
    Power source 3-Phase, AC 200V, 45A
    Net weight 850kg
    Control device OS Windows7
    Display 17'' TFT color LC Display
    External memory USB memory
    Service Temp. 0~40℃