LM-16A Wire Forming Machine


15-axis CNC torsion Spring Machine with Rotating Wire

With its wire rotation mechanism and eight processing slides as standard options, the LM-16A provides intuitive operation. Two swinging axes control the left and right movement of the facing slides independently.

    • Improved productivity, shortened setup time

      • The 15-axis control is equipped with feed, rotated wire and quill, two swings, eight slides, and two R-servos.
      • Includes a dual feeder roller to reduce feed pressure load applied to the wire.
      • All slides use a crank mechanism for high speed.
      • The high-speed R-servo reduces bending time.
      • Integrates a high-speed wire rotation mechanism, which suppresses vibration to the utmost limit.
      • The machine footprint has been reduced by about 40% compared to the conventional model, TM0-20M.

    • Support for IOT

      The operating status of machine can be monitored through mobile phones or computers, and regular maintenance with preventive maintenance functions can contribute to improved production efficiency.

    • Improved operability with the MNO2 (MEC New Operation 2) programming software

      • The MEC original MNO2 software easily organizes important statistics about the machine, including program flow, operating status of each axis, input/output, and jump, etc., as with our other spring machines.
      • The latest servo motor control enables high resolution and enables precise operation.
      • The motor sensor system makes every slide a sensor. It is possible to measure the presence/absence judgment with a touch sensor, coiling angle, free length, etc. in 0.001 mm (0.00004") units. The measurement results are displayed in tables and graphs, and easy correction control for each axis is possible.
      • Highly efficient production is supported by a versatile production management and data collection functions.

    • Main options

      We have a wide range of optional units to meet the varied needs of the user in the areas of post-processing and measurement:

      • Outer coil diameter servo unit--adjusts diameter with a servo motor
      • Air nipper unit--prevents wear and breakage of the quill
      • Air grip--enables post-processing
      • Reverse bending slide--bends in direction of the machine front
      • Grip head unit--enables wire grip with R-servo
      • Capacitance sensor--measures free coil length
      • Camera sensor--measures free coil length, outer coil diameter, angle, etc.

  • FormatLM-16
    Wire diameter 0.4~1.6mm
    Max. twirl distance 70mm
    Index D/d 4 or more
    Tool Slide 5 pcs.
    Bending Slide 1 pc
    R-servo Slide 2 pcs
    Feed Axis 0.0001mm
    Pitch Axis 0.001°
    Air pressure Max 0.5Mpa
    Power source 3-Phase, AC 200V, 15A
    Net weight 1080kg
    Control device Windows
    Display 15.6" Full HD touch screen
    Software MNO2
    External memory USB Thumb drive
    Service Temp. 5~40℃