SH-3AG Wire Coiling Machine


A high-speed, high-quality production system specialized in the processing of guide wires for medical catheters

2-Point Coiling Spring Machine for Guide Wires Processing
The newly developed 2-point coiling unit disperses friction during coiling and contributes to stabilization of the initial coil tension. Furthermore, compared to the 1-point method, the trace of the coil inner diameter is greatly reduced without an arbor.
    • Corresponds to the quality required for guide wires

      • Compared to the 1-point method, no arbor (core metal) is required, so the trace of the coil inner diameter is greatly reduced.
      • The rotary discharge shooter PR-1 that receives the optional long coil wire suppresses runout when manufacturing long coils, eliminates problems with the discharge method, and supports high-precision machining.

    • Supports automated production

      Unlike the conventional winding production method, the automatic cutting ability machine after coiling enables continuous production of coils. This saves about 90% of labor in one day's work. In addition, the yield is improved because there is no extra waste material generated during production.

    • Supports high-speed production

      Adjust the amount of wire feeding to keep the applied tension constant and feed it into the machine. As a result, in addition to stable high-quality processing, the production speed is about three times faster (according to our research) than the conventional winding production method.

  • Standard Wire Dia. 0.08~0.23mm Solenoid valves 4pcs(8pcs at max)
    Outside Dia. 28mm or more Service air pressure Max 0.5 Mpa
    D/d 4 or more Power source AC 200V, 3-Phase, 15A
    Feed Axis Resolution 0.001mm Net weight 838 lbs.
    Max. Speed 278ft/min Control device Windows
    Cut Axis Resolution 0.001°
    Torsion Attach Axis Resolution 0.001mm Display 15.6'' Full HD touch screen
    Arbor Axis Resolution 0.001mm External memory USB thumb drive
    1st/2nd Point Axis Resolution 0.001mm Service Temp. 41~104°F