SF-1A Wire Coiling Machine


An ultra-thin wire coiling machine that can process wires thinner than 20 µm. 

The SF-1A enables a feed roller diameter of 16 mm and an ultimate wire guide length of 6 mm to further expand the processing range of ultra-thin wire springs.
    • Our mission to achieve the smallest coiling in the world.

      • Mec’s world-renowned ultra-thin wire machines have now evolved further.
      • Ultra-thin wire coiling machine for wire diameters of 0.016 to 0.1 mm.
      • Enables a feed roller diameter of 16 mm and an ultimate wire guide length of 6 mm.
      • Equipped with 4 standard axes: feed, cut, pitch, and coil diameter.
      • An optional initial tension servo and arbor front-back servo can be added.
      • Uses a mechanism designed to assist ultra-fine adjustment.
      • Equipped with a standard ultra-high accuracy sensor (MSD-1) .

    • Coiling Mechanism

      • A specialist design for ultra-thin wires, with a feed roller diameter of 16 mm and a wire guide length of 6 mm.
      • The cut tool and coiling point areas have been strengthened to provide both stability and adjustability.
      • Tools are attached using a standard mechanism for attaching wire guides with reference to the feed roller, and the newly developed pitch arbor unit can be moved up, down, left, and right to adjust the arbor position in relation to the wire guide.

    • Optional Equipment

      • Initial tension servo unit
      • Core forward/reverse servo unit

    • Dedicated MNO Program for Spring Production

      • Easy operations for quicker preparation.
      • High resolution for controlling the latest servo motors.
      • Allows varied control based on measurement results, such as the pitch, diameter, and bend angle.
      • Common program for both torsion machines and coiling machines.
      • Includes a motor sensor system.
      • Versatile production management screen and production data collection function.

  • Capacity Wire Dia. 0.016 ~ 0.1mm  Service air pressure Max. 0.5 MPa
    Outside Dia. 2mm Power source AC 200V 3-Phase, 15A
    Feed Axis Resolution 0.001mm Net weight 400㎏
    Cut Axis Resolution 0.001° Control device Max. 9-axis to be controlled by computer - OS Windows XP
    Pitch Axis Resolution 0.001mm
    Point Axis Resolution 0.001mm Display 17'' TFT color LC Display
    Initial tension Axis(Option) Resolution 0.001mm External memory USB thumb drive
    Solenoid valves 4pcs(Max 8pcs available) Service Temp. 0~40℃