CLS-16A Extension Spring Machine


An extension spring machine with a maximum wire diameter of 1.6 mm.

Maintains the popular high-speed productivity for English loops and bicyclic loops and greatly improves the preparation for German hooks, U hooks, and other atypical hooks.
    • Enable high-speed production of extension springs with a beautiful hook shape

      • A dedicated extension spring machine for wire diameters of 0.5 to 1.6 mm.
      • Produces the beautiful hook shape expected of the CLS series.
      • Enables a much higher speed of production than general torsion machines.
      • The 11 axis control of the CLS-16II enables many locations to be controlled by values, including the coiling point for 3D operations, and provides high performance preparation and reproduction.

    • Make the production of German hooks and U hooks easier

      • The CLS-16II maintains the production performance of English loops and bicyclic loops, while greatly enhancing the ease of producing German hooks and U hooks.
      • The number of Hooking tools for processing the hooks has been increased from three to six, to enable easier adjustment and stronger coil retention.

    • Pattern programs

      Programs are automatically generated for the 3D coiling point operations and wire feed amounts required for the shapes of same diameter, different diameter, one-side U hooks, and both-side U hooks.

    • Optional Equipment

      • IS-1x shape detection unit with camera
      • Two cameras measure the hook shape on both sides
      • Stage sensor units (various)

    • Advanced cut slide function

      • The alignment of the cut tool and core does not require readjustment after being decided once. As the cut slide and core slide are both located on the center slide, the positional relationship of the two tools does not change, meaning that readjustment is not required.
      • The cutting method can be changed. You can easily switch between oscillating cut and straight cut.
      • The oscillating cut bearing (oscillation) can be adjusted. Adjust the bearing using the eccentric pin on the slide.

  • FormatCLS-16II
    Wire diameter 0.5~1.6mm
    Outside coil diameter 20mm
    D/d 4 or more (*)
    Spring Length Wire diameter x 10 coils, up to 140 mm (*)
    Feed Axis Minimum input 0,001 mm, maximum speed 165 m/min
    Point Axis Resolution 0.001mm
    Initial tension Axis Resolution 0.001°
    Torsion Axis Resolution 0.001°
    Cam axis Resolution 0.001°
    Transfer axis Resolution 0.001°
    Clamp axis Resolution 0.001°
    Tooling axis x 2 Resolution 0.001°
    Tooling slide axis x 2 Resolution 0.001°
    Power source AC 200V 3-Phase, 20A
    Solenoid valves 8pcs
    Service air pressure 0.5MPa(5.1kgf/cm2)
    Net weight 1,200kg
    Control device OS Windows7
    Display 21.5 inch touch panel
    External memory USB thumb drive
    Service Temp. 0~40°C
    (*) May differ according to the wire diameter