SH-16A Coiling Machine


Equipped with torsion attachment and initial tension servo motor as standard, the SH-16A Wire Coiling Machine is capable of forming push springs, torsion spring, and elliptical springs.

The 3D coiling point moves freely and can be produced at high speed and with high accuracy.

    • 9-axis control with an emphasis on operability

      • Control of feed, cut, pitch, and coil outer diameter point, torsion, initial tension, arbor front/back, center slide and bending assist tools.
      • Thanks to adaptable double roller, the load of feed pressure applied to the wire is suppressed.
      • Rotary or straight cut can be easily switched by simply moving the eccentric pin.
      • By using the center slide to cut with the edge of the arbor and wire guide, it's possible to process shapes at high-speed with straight parts on the spring end. 3D torsion spring processing is possible with bender assist tool.
      • Use the touch screen to switch between right- and left-hand use.

    • Improved operability with the MEC New Operation 2 (MNO2)

      • The MEC original spring program MNO2 easily organizes important statistics about the machine, including program flow, operating status of each axis, inputs/outputs, jump, and more.
      • The program for the number of coils allows change of the feed, pitch, outer diameter, and initial tension on the evolved pitch diagram screen, making it easier to adjust the basic coils.
      • With automatic spring length correction function based on the capacitance type length inspection, the multi-functional production control screen facilitates product management.

    • Taper synchronization constant

      Taper synchronization coefficient control.

    • Support for IOT

      Monitor the operating status of the machine with your phone and computer, while providing regular maintenance with preventive maintenance functions.

  • Standard Wire Dia. 0.05~1.6mm Solenoid valves 4pcs(8pcs at max)
    Outside Dia. 50mm Service air pressure Max 0.5 Mpa
    D/d 4 or more Power source AC 200V, 3-Phase, 15A
    Feed Axis 0.001mm Net weight 900 kg.
    Max. Speed 161m/min Control device Windows
    Cut Axis Resolution 0.001°
    Torsion Attach Axis Resolution 0.001mm Display 15.6'' Full HD touch screen
    Arbor Axis Resolution 0.001° External memory USB thumb drive
    1st/2nd Point Axis Resolution 0.001mm Service Temp. 0~40°C